Refresh to an Existing Garden

This commission was to do a planting refresh to an existing garden. We produced a planting design in order to refresh the planting in this award winning garden. Our client had a budget which allowed for larger specimens which would give immediate impact. This required us to source mature specimens where possible.

The Brief – Planting Refresh

Being a mature garden offers a structure to work with, but also challenges. Because the new planting design has to work with the existing.

The garden has a sheltered aspect and much of it is shady. Which naturally dictates the type of planting we can add. Pretty much making it a woodland garden as far as the plants are concerned. This means not only shade but also the ability to deal with soil which will often be quite dry. Because not only do the trees and large shrubs make a rain shield. Trees are also thirsty, so will suck up much of the moisture before the smaller plants get their chance.

Working with the existing planting, meant moving some specimens to accommodate the new scheme. In the process making distinct planting ‘zones’ to further enhance interest as you walk through the garden.

Planting scheme