Folium Gardens

We design gardens where people and nature can flourish

If you are looking for the inspiration and expertise of garden designers or planting designers in Cardiff & South Wales, we can work with you to create something amazing.

We are professional landscape garden designers in Cardiff and South Wales, providing the following services:

Garden Design

Designs tailored to your lifestyle and needs. From contemporary courtyards and roof terraces to more traditional country gardens. Because we know how important it is to have a plan to ensure you get the best from your garden. See our flexible design options.

Landscape Designers Cardiff, Newport South Wales

Planting Design Schemes

Beautiful schemes created for your garden to meet your preferences and needs. Whatever style you prefer and whatever maintenance level suits you best.

Services offered by Folium garden designers of Cardiff and South Wales

Garden Lighting Design

We can provide lighting plans and carefully selected products to show your garden at it best, when the sun has gone down.

Plant Sourcing

We can source and supply high quality plants for our planting designs at competitive rates. From perennials through to specimen trees and shrubs, all sourced from our trusted nursery suppliers.

Services offered by Folium garden designers of Cardiff and South Wales

Planting Service

Let us do the hard work of planting-up your new borders. With our practical expertise in plants and horticulture, we will give your investment in beautiful plants the best chance of thriving.

Landscape Designers Cardiff, Newport South Wales


Independent advice on all aspects of your garden, tailored to your needs. Whether it is advice for a specific problem in your garden, or you are simply searching for fresh ideas.

Services offered by Folium garden designers of Cardiff and South Wales

Planters with ‘Ready To Go’ Planting

We can help you to select from a range of styles to complement your garden. Our planters and planting schemes are stylish and easy to look after. They will also instantly add value to your garden, however large or small.

Beth – Heath, Cardiff

Why choose a specialist landscape garden designer, such as Folium Gardens, over a more general design and build landscaping contractor?

  • Royal Horticultural Society qualified.
  • Specialist Design: We specialise in the design of gardens, meaning we can offer a more focused, creative and considered approach to your garden design project.
  • Plant Knowledge: Training and hands-on horticultural experience means we have expert knowledge of plants and growing conditions to create bespoke planting schemes for you.
  • Creative vision: Our expertise lies in developing a cohesive design vision for your outdoor space. We will take time to understand what you want and translate this into a great design, taking aesthetics as well as function into account, and considering factors like site conditions, plant preferences as well as hard-landscaping elements.
  • Cost: A well executed garden design can save you time and money in the long term, and good garden design will add value to your home.
  • Detailed planning: We spend significant time in the planning phase of your project. We create detailed drawings and plans to ensure that the design is exactly what you want before any construction begins.
  • A landscaper may not be enough: A landscaper may share some skills with a garden designer, but the emphasis of their work is very different – construction rather than design. A garden design involves multiple elements which all need to work together.
  • Transparency: Design work is often hidden in the price of construction or landscaping contracts. Our design fees are made clear when we provide you with a detailed estimate.
  • Plant Sourcing. We can source and supply the plants for your design at competitive rates, from our trusted and reputable nursery suppliers.
  • Planting Service. With our expertise in plants you can trust us to use best practice to give your investment in beautiful plants the best chance of thriving.
  • Safe Hands. Combined we have over 50 years experience in design, project management, research and solutions.

If you are considering whether you can afford a garden designer, you may be asking the wrong question. Garden design fees account for a small amount of the total build cost of your new garden. So perhaps the bigger question is; ‘Can I afford to have my garden landscaped’? If you have the funds to build your new garden, then it’s worthwhile designing it properly.

Folium Gardens create bespoke garden designs which suit your needs, with thought given to materials and plants and how you’ll use your new garden. Having your garden designed professionally by us, we hope you will end up with a garden that you will spend many pleasurable hours in over the coming years.

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R.H.S qualified garden designers in Cardiff and South Wales

We create beautiful, nature friendly garden designs and planting schemes.